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We put the integrity in structural integrity: we know how to make a building safe, in every sense of the word. On a construction site, danger is often obvious, but in healthcare, hazards aren’t always visible: infections and falls are the greatest risks patients face. But the extra considerations that can help patient outcomes are often eliminated from the design due to budgetary thrift. At Konrad, we ask ourselves: “If we cut corners, what is the cost?” We spare no expense and consider safety from all angles. Here are extra measures in designing healthcare for optimum outcomes.

safety in healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us all that air quality is priority number one. Quality of life ties directly into that. We design our spaces with not only top-of-the-line HVAC systems, but we’re also sure to design with lots of natural light and warm illumination options. Harsh oppressive lighting environments may be good for cost-effective electric, but they come at the cost of mental wellbeing.

In other immediately not-so-obvious fixes, wayfinding is more than just efficient peace of mind. The right guideposts can even prevent bumps and falls. Whether it’s a complex series of hallways for general staff and guests, or a senior care facility where residents may get disoriented, it’s crucial that people are always able to find the way.

healthcare construction

As patients find their way, they have to be able to walk there safely. Traction is paramount. Whether you design with metal strips or bumps for friction, you want to shy away from slippery surfaces. It’s about more than avoiding liability – it’s preserving people’s lives.

Floors aren’t the only surface to consider in your design: anti-microbial paint is a big boon against potential pathogens. When you coat appliances with this groundbreaking pigment, you reduce patients’ exposure to diseases. Talk about ergonomic design.

safety in healthcare

At Konrad Construction, we believe in the wellness of our buildings, and the wellness of the people who use them. Contact us today for a quote.