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The construction industry has gone through some tough times in recent years, especially in 2020 and 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The retail sector was one of the hardest hit industries by the restrictions and broader impacts of the global pandemic. Retail construction has since evolved as the retail sector slowly bounces back from the recession caused by COVID-19.

Since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, nothing has been the same. As much as some normalcy has returned because of the development of vaccines, the design and construction of retail spaces have had to evolve to accommodate the new normal.

The following are some of the retail construction trends that you should look out for if you want to survive in the ever-evolving retail industry.

Open Space Designs

Some people still prefer the in-person shopping experience over online shopping. The tactile experience that comes with inspecting your vegetables before dropping them in the basket or fitting a shirt before purchasing it is hard to beat. Nonetheless, customers still want the reassurance that they can enjoy shopping in person while remaining safe.

Practices such as social distancing have carried on post-pandemic and retailers have had to incorporate new designs to ensure the safety and wellness of their customers. These include widening aisles, encouraging traffic flow in a single direction, and reducing clutter throughout the store to enhance the in-store experience.

Contactless Shopping Experiences

Automation of shopping processes has become common over the years in large retail shops and smaller ones alike. The advancement of technology has facilitated self-checkout and contactless payment options. All of these are in a bid to cut back on hygiene issues and minimize the risk of diseases spreading between customers and employees.

More customers have shown their preference for contactless shopping and incorporating these automated systems can give your business a competitive edge. Having dedicated space for assisted checkout machines, while also offering traditional checkout lines for customers who prefer to engage with staff, is important to satisfying a wide range of needs.

Incorporating Partitions for Health and Safety

Customers feel confident visiting your outlets if they are assured that you care about their wellness. One such practice is installing transaction screens at tills. Having glass partitions incorporated into the interior design of your stores at the counters shows that you take your customers’ health seriously. These should be fitted in a manner that blends naturally with the store’s design.

Proper Ventilation in Spaces

Another thing that the coronavirus pandemic has shown us is the importance of well-aerated spaces. This helps minimize the spread of airborne diseases. This can be done either naturally or by installing HVAC systems. Combined with efficient HEPA filtration, air conditioning systems can ensure clean airflow throughout your retail space.

Upgrade your Retail Space with Konrad Construction

Even without the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail construction industry would still have experienced a massive transformation. The global pandemic simply accelerated the evolution that was already happening. More people are leaning towards online shopping, home delivery, and automatic checkouts. This means that retailers have to respond by designing outlets that encourage and enhance in-person shopping experiences.

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